Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look Like Celebrities with Fabulous Accessories

While you may be looking at the best photos of your favorite celebrities, you can't help but wonder what really makes them special aside from the make-up. When you look at teenage stars such as Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, you will see a common denominator in all of them as these young stars really dress great and choose even better accessories to make their plain-looking outfit look even more appealing, stunning and fabulous

Take a look at these snapshots of Vanessa Hudgens wherein she wears simple looking outfits but complements them with cute and fabulous accessories to complete her casual look and truly enhance her over-all outfit. She is usually seen with casual dresses and often pair them with trinkets, rings, bracelets and her signature smile. 

When it comes to casual yet trendy styles, only three names come above anyone else. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus are famous for their trendy casual chic look by wearing simple yet comfortable outfits and often seen wearing various accessories to complete their signature looks. 

 Vanessa Hudgens seen with fabulous accessories to complete her casual look. She loves to wear long necklaces, shades and rings.
 Simple yet stunning Vanessa Hudges wearing bracelets and necklaces to complete her fabulous look 

Selena Gomez in an awards night wearing a simple long gown and accessorizing with an simple yet elegant ring. Did you know that you can actually get the look by wearing one of these Big Baby Flower Ring in Lime Green from Fabulous?
Here's Miley Cyrus in her rocker chic look wearing a simple black sleeveless only making it stunning with various bracelets and rings. Miley is known to keep a style of "follow your heart" wherein she wears simple outfits and completes them with her favorite rocker accessories. Did you know that you can actually get similar look by getting one of these Swatch Bijoux Colour Code Bracelet in Black from Fabulous? These aren't just you casual rocker chic accessories, these are actually made from rich black synthetic Patent Leather! This simple strap bracelet wraps around the wrist thus creating a fun, modern, textured feel. Wear alone or stack with different colors from the Swatch Bijoux collection to create your own style or get the feeling that you're like the rocking chic - Miley Cyrus.

Now if you seriously wanna get that looks from celebrities, you can always wear comfortable clothes and simple splash them with more fun with fabulous accessories to complete your look!

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